Thursday, 20 August 2009

Patterdale Star Terriers

While out walking with my Patterdale Ellie on a walk which was expected to last 1 hour turned into two hours because of chatting to other dog owners about - Patts and their personalities.

There's just not enough info. about them on the web because they are comparatively new to the domestic doggie world, but they make fantastic pets. They usually have barrel loads of energy being probably only a generation away from a working dog and need loads of walking and playing.

They're either black or tan and are either coarse or smooth haired. The smooth haired patts look like lab puppies. Personally I prefer the coarse haired patterdales because they look so comical!

Never a day goes by when they don't do something to make you double up laughing and I think its probably just as well that they are not recognised by the UK Kennel Club. They are a tough little dog, same size as a Lakeland Terrier or similar size to a Jack Russell and I have heard of several patts living to their late teens or even 21!
For more information and good honest advice on this fab breed and other terriers try

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