Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Big and Beautiful Bed Throws by Cherryellie Designs

Take a look at these beauties - guaranteed to make your sofa or bed more georgeous and comfy. All of them the latest designs handmade by Cherryellie Designs using Designers Guild Fabric with one exception which is a combination of Designers Guild and Zoffany - what a great twosome!

First up is a Designers Guild "Irise" Satin Cotton large bed throw with a duck egg blue background and white, gold and yellow pattern. The reverse of the throw is in a gold silk style fabric and the throw is lined to create a duvet feel.

Second up on the catwalk is another Designers Guild fabric but this time pretty "Carrington" silk with berry, black and white in the pattern. In addition this silk throw has a top panel of white satin cotton. The reverse of the throw is in plain Designers Guild berry silk and the throw is lined again for that duvet feel.

Thirdly we have another fabulous Designers Guild large silk bed throw - this time in "Capucheen" which is a top quality silk with cream, gold, pink, black and yellow in the pattern of the throw. Again this throw is lined with wadding to create a duvet feel.

Last but very much not least is the Zoffany/Designers Guild combination. The Zoffany fabric is a beautiful silky duck egg blue velvet with a wavy weave on one side of the throw. The other side of this stunning bed throw is a Designers Guild Rosamund silk with cream, duck egg blue, pink and yellow in the pattern.

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  1. very nice and elegant.I love floral designs...there is definitely something feminine about it and here the colors used are also very soothing.