Monday, 21 September 2009

Cherryellie's Autumn/Winter 2009 Handmade Handbags

Here are some of my new range of Autumn/Winter 2009 Handbags.

Cherryellie Cream & Pink HandbagCherryellie Oranges and Cream Handbag
Cherryellie Across the Body Bag

These are great everyday hard wearing fashion handbags. The middle pic being an across the body bag. They all have internal pockets and magnetic fastenings

Georgeous Navy and Gold HandbagCherryellie Gold & Navy Handbag
This is a beautiful navy and gold chenille handbag with internal pocket and magnetic fastening.

Dark Pink Silk Across the Body Bag with Velvet RibbonPearl Pink Silk Clutch Bag and Scarf
Cherryellie silk winter white clutch bag & scarf

The pics above and below are all silk handbags and clutch bags. They are made from designer silks and most have internal pockets, magnetic fastenings and matching scarfs.

Copper & Jade Silk Handbag & ScarfCherryellie Jade & Copper Silk Scarf & Handbag

You can view and purchase all these bags at my website

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